Monday, April 15, 2013

Adventures in Bahamas

In mid March we headed to the Bahamas for a week of rest and relaxation.  My one promise to my kids was--no writing whatsoever.  For me, that's really difficult, because even when I'm not writing I like to brainstorm ideas for novels, scenes and conflicts.  As a nervous flyer, I was happily surprised by the short flight (two hours and twenty minutes from New Jersey airport).  The fact that I was so eager for a vacation explains why I didn't mind the slight turbulence.  Of course it doesn't hurt to have my six foot two, two hundred fifteen pound husband sitting next to me.  Yes, I'm a bit of a baby, but I like to snuggle next to him when the bad turbulence happens.  As an attorney and a former Engineer for the FAA, he never gets nervous or rattled.

Arriving at the Nassau, Bahamas airport was a unique experience.  As we made our way through customs, a lively Caribbean band entertained us.  It was great! I can't tell you how nice it was to step outside and be greeted by eighty degree temperatures.  Back in Connecticut it was 40 degrees and cold!  My sister emailed me telling me it snowed back home while we were basking in tropical heat.  Although I felt her pain, it was nice to not have to deal with another snow event.

We stayed at a lovely hotel right on Cable Beach.  With a gorgeous view of the pools and the ocean from our hotel room balcony, we were greeted with this lovely sight every day.  We enjoyed swimming in the ocean, kayaking, paddle boarding, huge water bikes and snorkeling.  The best part was seeing my kids have the time of their lives.  You don't need to be on vacation to make memories, but I truly enjoy being in a different climate and experiencing another culture.  Tropical smoothies, conch, grilled seafood, Bahama Mamas and rice and beans.  The food was delicious!  There's a whole area called Arawalk Cay dedicated to seafood restaurants.  The hardest problem there is deciding which one to eat at...we ate at a lovely placed called Twin Brothers.

One of our most interesting experiences was having a tour of Balcony House, the oldest existing wooden residence in the Bahamas.  It is now a museum, but it was once owned by an American heiress, Josephine Bryce.  Lord Mountbatten was once a guest at the house.  It has been lovingly restored and is beautifully maintained by the staff.  Going from room to room was like taking a step into the past.

Of course my kids loved heading over to Blue Lagoon island by ferry to do the Dolphin encounter.  The half hour ferry ride was simply breathtaking.  Just seeing all the glorious shades of blue was an uplifting experience.  Dolphins are such intelligent, loving creatures.  My teenaged daughter said the dolphin experience was a dream come true, which brought tears to my eyes.  Isn't it so nice to realize a dream?
When our seven day vacation came to an end, I was sad to leave the island, but happy to return to my real life.

And guess what? I didn't write.  I didn't plot.  I kept my promise to my children.  And we had a glorious time in Bahamas.